St Aloysius Bulletin 02.010- 02.17.2019

Fifth Sunday after Epiphany

Prayer Request

Please continue your prayers for Mr. Luis de los Reyes and for Betty (sister of Joan Peros) who is battling peritoneal cancer.

Feast of St Joseph

Mark your calendars for the annual St Joseph’s Table, Sunday, March 17 following the 10am Mass.
Please note: there will not be a silent auction; however, donations for 2 or 3 large ticket / live auction items are being sought.

From Divine Intimacy

The Epistle for this Sunday recalls to our mind the fundamental duty of a Christian: charity. All programs and resolutions of the spiritual life are of little value if they are not animated by love and directed to the perfec- tion of love. Detachment, mortification, humility, and all other virtues are of little worth if they do not incline the heart to a wider, more complete and more expansive charity; not only love for God, but also for our neigh- bor. It is under this aspect that the Apostle speaks of charity in today’s Epistle, carefully pointing out that all our relations with our neighbor should be inspired by bowels of mercy, benignity, humility, modesty, pa- tience: bearing with one another and forgiving one another, if any have a complaint against another.” Fraternal charity is the mark of God’s elect. If we do not have this distinctive mark, Jesus does not recognize us as His disciples; our heavenly Father does not love us as His children, nor will He take us into His Kingdom. The spiritual life requires the use of so many means, calls for the exercise of so many virtues that care must be taken lest we become lost in details, forgetting the love which should be the foundation and end of all. Of what value is the spiritual life, consecra- tion to God, or even the vows of religion, if they do not help the soul to tend to the perfection of love?

Consider the perfect love which the Apostle asks us to have for our neighbor and that love which leaves no room for division or dissensions, which overcomes strife and forgets offenses. This is long-suffering charity which makes every sacrifice and overcomes all difficulties in order to be in harmony with all, because we form “one body” in Christ, because we are all children of the same heavenly Father.