St Aloysius Bulletin 02.24- 03.03.2019

Quinquagesima Sunday

Prayer Request

• Please continue your prayers for Mr. Luis de los Reyes and for Betty
(sister of Joan Peros) who is battling peritoneal cancer.
• Please pray for the homebound of our parish: Eugene & Irish McCabe,
Miss Patricia Silva, and Mr. Archie Swindle.
Banns Announced
The Banns of Marriage are announced for
• Isabella Pettibone, formerly of OMPH Chapel, and Greg Demers of
Venta, OR, who plan to be married on April 25.
• Brittany Pettibone, formerly of OMPH Chapel, and Martin Sellner of
Vienna, Austria, who plan to be married on July 17.
If anyone knows of any impediment that would prevent either party from
contracting marriage they are obliged to inform the pastor immediately.

St Joseph’s Table --March 17

Dinner and Raffle tickets are available for purchase after both Masses. All
proceeds go to the support of the Retreat House / OMPH Chapel.

Lenten Day of Recollection

A Parish Lenten Day of Recollection open to all the men in the Bay Area

will be held at St. Athanasius Church, 1525 S White Rd, San Jose on Sat-
urday, March 9. The day will begin with confessions at 7:00am and con-
clude at 4:00pm. Breakfast and lunch are BYOBLT.

Lenten Fast and Abstinence

The current Law of the Church (hence that which binds under pain of sin):
That all Fridays throughout the year and the time of Lent are penitential
All adults (those 18 years old and older) are bound by law to Fast on Ash
Wednesday and Good Friday, until the beginning of their 60th year.
All persons who have completed their fourteenth year are bound by the
law of Abstinence on all Fridays.
As Traditional Catholics we wish to follow the traditional mind of the
Church in her morals and discipline and not the relaxed spirit promoted by
the modern Church. Keep in mind however that to only follow the current
laws as they are stated above does not constitute a sin. It is thus simply a
question of generosity.
Traditionally, in addition to abstinence from meat on Ash Wednesday and
all Fridays, Catholics would maintain a fast on all Lenten days.
A fast was understood to permit only one full meal with meat (excluding
Ash Wednesday and all Fridays). In addition, two small snacks, not equaling
a full meal, were permitted to maintain one’s strength.
The obligation to fast ceased then, as now, at age 60.
Sunday there is no obligation to fast or abstain.
Persons doing hard physical labor, and those ill, may ask the priest for
permission to be released from their fasting obligation.